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Belgium Belgium Today

Breakdown & towing services

When you are travelling in Belgium by car and you have bad luck, you can call one of these national breakdown recovery services by means of the orange coloured phones along the highways. You will automatically be transferred to the one nearest to you. If you are calling from a private phone or a public phoneboot, you can call one of the numbers below.

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VAB WEGENWACHT Phone : +32 3 253 63 63
  Pastoor Copmanlaan 100    
  2070 Zwijndrecht    
TOURING SECOURS Phone: +32 2 233 22 11
  44 Rue de la Loi    
  1040 Bruxelles    
R.A.C.B. Phone : +32 2 287 09 00
  Aarlenstraat 53 Fax : +32 2 230 75 84
  1040 Brussel    
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