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Additional conditions appplicable to the USA & Canada:

Loss damage waiver (ldw):
all rates include ldw. there is a compulsory insurance excess in the United States of $100. in New York state and the state of Illinois the excess is $200. in Canada the insurance excess is $250 (cd) if over 25 years, $500 (cd) if aged 21-24. the renter remains liable by law in these states and Canada for damage repair costs up to these maximum amounts.

Third party insurance: all rentals in the USA and Canada include third party liability insurance which conforms with the statutory minimum required by each state but can be as low as $5,000.

Excess liability insurance: in many countries, it is required by law that car insurance must include unlimited third party coverage. in the USA this is not the case. instead each state establishes a minimum level of coverage by law, which may be as low as $5,000. excess liability insurance (also known as supplemental liability insurance (sli) or extended protection (ep)) is third party liability insurance above this level of protection increasing your third party protection to $1,000,000 in respect of any claims made against you.

Tax: all taxes are included except those on any extras purchased locally in the USA or Canada.

General conditions:
All bookings by our clients are subject to our terms and conditions. no other terms, conditions and warranties, expressed or implied by law, custom and course of dealing shall form part of any contract between Europe Today Holiday Autos and our clients except for those terms implied by law whose application is mandatory. Europe Today Holiday Autos is unable to refund any extra insurance options or local purchases which you have signed as accepted on the rental agreement.

The client acknowledges that in making a booking with Europe Today Holiday Autos it does so only on the basis of the material contained on this web site. all other statements or representations made by Europe Today Holiday Autos, its employees, or agents are of no effect unless confirmed by us to the client in writing.

Europe Today Holiday Autos sources vehicles from various rental companies in the countries in which it operates. the rental of the vehicle will be subject to the law of the country in which it is supplied to you and for this reason you will be required to sign a rental contract with the rental company which supplies the vehicle. you will be subject to its terms and conditions and local law.

Europe Today Holiday Auto is unable to refund any extra insurance options or local purchases which you have signed as accepted on the rental agreement.

Europe Today Holiday Auto reserves the right to levy any government increase in local vat that may be introduced after april 1999. any additional charges payable on arrival are subject to local vat at the prevailing rate in that country.

Europe Today Holiday Auto liability to the client for any loss, damage, injury or accident whatsoever, whether arising out of negligence, breach of contract or any other cause shall not exceed twice the invoiced price of rental of the vehicle concerned provided that nothing in this clause shall limit holiday autos’ liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence.

Europe Today Holiday Auto will not be held responsible for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, causing wilful damage, off road driving or driving without due care and attention. the client will indemnify Europe Today Holiday Auto against this in respect of such claims. this list is not exclusive. restrictions may apply at peak times with all offer are subject to availability, and all information, including prices, is correct at the time of issue - August 1999.


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