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Granite of Bornholm
Art & Culture:
International textile art
Artist Bus
Granite of Bornholm
Selection of Artists and Galleries

International textile art:
Bornholm is known for its beautiful nature and its typical smoked herring.
Down through the years, however, the island's many artists have increasingly been making their own mark, too, and during recent years, three talented female textile artists have placed Bornholm at the top of the list as "the place" where new, modern textile art is created.
Together they have created a Textile Group to jointly represent and streghten their craft on Bornholm, the rest of Denmark and the rest of the world.
The three well-known artists are textile designer Bente Hammer, weaver Karen Dam and tapestry weaver Annelise Kofoed Hansen.

Artist Bus:
In cooperation with many of the island's talented applied artists, the BAT bus service offers tours Tuesday to Friday, which visit a total of 35 artists.
The tour depart from Rønne at 10am yet it is possible to join tours along the way. Each tour lasts 5 hours and includes a lunch stop at a smokehouse.
The areas of applied art along the tour are ceramics, glass, textiles, silver, metal, wood and leather, in other words, an extensive sample of what is included in the workshops of Bornholm.

Granite of Bornholm:
Bornholm's granite was created 1 milliard years ago. With its slightly more than 1 milliard years, Rönne Granite is the oldest granite, and Svaneke granite is the youngest since it is "only" 800 million years old.
There are 5 different kind of granite covering great areas of Bornholm. The beautiful Svaneke granite, which is very popular among stone polishers, is found on the eastern part of Bornholm. Black Rønne granite, which is used for monuments, facing stones, ect. is found on west Bornholm. Vang granite and Hammer granite are found on north Bornholm. The Hammer Works, Borrelyngen and Moseløkken, are three well-known granite quarries, and granite from this area varies in radiancy even though all types are called Hammer Granite. Paradisbakke granite is a dark almost black, granite with grey waves and green crystals.
The main element of granite is feldtpat which gives granite its beautiful radiancy which as a precious stone places it alongside expensive foreign jewels. You will be convinced by a visit to Bornholm's stone polishers.

A selection of Artists and Galleries worth a visit:

Gudhjem Glasrøgeri, workshop & boutique, Ejnar Mikkelsensvej 13a, 3760 Gudhjem,
Phone +45, Fax +45

Årsdale Mølle - Bornholm Granite, between Svaneke & Nexø, Phone +45

Bente Hammer, Kirkesmedien, Nyker Hovedgade 32, Nyker.

Galleri Svaneke, Brænderigænget 6, 3740 Svaneke, Phone +45 56.49.7111 & +45 56.49.6631.

Hvide Hus, Randkløvevej 15, Saltuna, 3751 Østermarie, Phone +45

Bornholms Keramik, Michael Andersen v/Solveig Ussing, Lille Torv, 3700 Rønne,
Phone +45

Snogebæk Glashytte Bornholm, Hovedgaden 4, Snogebæk,
Phone +45, Fax +45

Bornholmsk Keramik from Melgaard, Havnen, 3760 Gudhjem, Phone +45

Galerie Fjord, Snellemark 11, 3700 Rønne, Phone +45

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