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Enjoy Bornholm!
Camping & Youth hostels:
Camping sites
Youth hostels

Camping & Youth Hostels
The nature of Bornholm is unique for all of Scandinavia and this prompts every visitor at one point or another to put a little extra wear on their shoes. Of course you can take random walks for pure enjoyment, but you cal also choose to make use of the many scheduled tours so you are sure you don't miss out on seeing the most important natural wonders of the island.
The forests of Bornholm, such as Almindingen and Rø Plantage are a unique experience. Paradisbakkerne (Paradise Hills) are a magnificent area with rock and heath areas, self-sown vegetation of heather and rare plants - but its most famous feature is the Rocking Stone.
Maps and brochures are available at tourist bureaus and libraries with tour descriptions. But you can also choose to make use of a guide, such as the Nature Interpreter on North Bornholm who during the season will provide a wide selection of tour experiences.
A new natural experience from the selection available is a walking tour along the coast. It is a journey of almost 150 km so it would probably be wise to break the trip up into shorter walks. In many places you will find signs specifically marking the coastal path, so that you will be able to walk all the way around the island on marked paths.
The youth hostels on Bornholm provide a level of comfort at reasonable prices. As a rule youth hostels are located in beautiful surroundings near woods and beaches; the Bornholm youth hostels are no exception.

Due to the high standard and service found at modern camping sites today, weather no longer determines whether it is more preferable to sleep in a caravan or in a tent.
All weather is camping weather.
You will find 18 well-equipped modern camping sites dispersed all over Bornholm and all of them are continually being expanded to meet visitors requirements for outdoor conform.

Sandegaards Camping, Haslevej 146, 3700 Rønne, Phone/Fax +45

Hasle Family Camping, Fælledvej 30, 3790 Hasle, Phone +45, Fax +45

Bådstad Camping, Sdr. Strandvej 91, Rø, 3760 Gudhjem, Phone +45

Nexø Family Camping, Stenbrudsvej 26, 3730 Nexø, Phone +45, Fax +45

FDM Camping - Balka Strand, Klynevej 6, Snogebæk, 3730 Neksø, Phone +45, Fax +45

Lyngholt Family Camping, Borrelyngvej 43, 3770 Allinge, Phone +45, Fax +45

Sandvig Family Camping, Sandlinien 5, 3770 Allinge, Phone +45, Fax +45

Sletten Camping, Melsted Langgade, 3760 Gudhjem, Phone +45, Fax +45

Strandlunden Nature Camping, Melstedvej 33, 3760 Gudhjem, Phone/Fax +45

Nexø Family Camping, Stenbrudsvej 26, 3730 Nexø, Phone +45, Fax +45

Bornholms Family Camping, Krogegårdsvej 2, 3730 Nexø, Phone +45, Fax +45

Dueodde Youth Hostel & Camping, Skrokkegårdsvej 17, 3730 Nexø, Phone +45,
Fax +45

Møllers Dueodde Camping, Duegårdsvej 2, 3730 Nexø, Phone +45, Fax +45

Åkirkeby Camping, Haregade 23, 3720 Åkirkeby, Phone +45

Youth Hostel:

Dueodde Youth Hostel:
Skrokkegårdsvejen 17, Dueodde, 3730 Nexø,
Phone +45, Fax +45,

Is located in a woodland area with 1 km long sandy bathing beach.
You can choose between family rooms with shower and toilet or joint sleeping-accommodation. Kitchen with fridge, living room, play ground, laundry room, cafeteria and mini marked.
Caravan hire. 4 km to 18 hole golf course, 500 mm to tennis court, mini golf, sauna & rent of bicycles.
Open: 01Apr-01Oct, it is however possible to make reservations outside the season.

Rønne Youth Hostel: Arsenalvej 12, 3700 Rønne, Phone +45, Fax +45

Hasle Youth Hostel: Fælledvej 28, 3790 Hasle, Phone +45

Sandvig Youth Hostel: Hammershusvej 94, 3770 Allinge, Phone +45

Gudhjem Youth Hostel "Sct. Jørgens Gaard": Ejner Mikkelsensvej 14, 3760 Gudhjem,
Phone +45, Fax +45

Svaneke Youth Hostel: Reberbanevej 9, 3740 Svaneke, Phone +45, Fax +45

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