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Fishing License:

A fishing license is mandatory for all anglers between the age 18 and 67. License prices: Day license Dkr. 25, Week license Dkr. 75, Annual license Dkr. 100.
Licenses can be purchased at post offices, tourist agencies, Q8 petrol stations and Sannes Family camping.

Angling for sea trout can be done around the entire island, as long as you choose your angling sites with care. Bornholm is one of the few places in Europe that has a self- reproducing strain of wild sea trout.
Two other popular angling activities on the island are herring fishing from piers and break-waters in late summer and autumn and angling for garfish in early summer.
The bogs and lakes of Bornholm are generally well-stocked with brackish-water fish and pike. Trolling for sea trout and salmon is one of the new, major fishing methods, and Bornholm holds the Danish record in this discipline with a salmon weighing 17.5 kg.
Cod fishing is done either individually from small boats, which can be rented, or on organized sea tours on fishing boats. Both forms always provide good possibilities for satisfying catches for many wonderful dinners.
Melsted Offshore Trolling Marine - located at Sannes Family camping - offers boats for hire in addition to being a meeting place for anglers. Here Allan provides information, advise and guidance about actual fishing sites, the island's angling possibilities, angling equipment and tackle as well as assistance in contacting angling guides and and trolling instructors.

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