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Museums - In and around Copenhagen
- Please click on the name of the Museum for further information! -

AmagermuseetDragoerMuseum of local history
ArbejdermuseetCopenhagenLife and cultural history
B & W MuseetCopenhagenTechnical Museum
BakkehusmuseetFrederiksbergLiterature & Cult. history
Ballerup EgnsmuseumBallerupLocal traditions
BredemuseetLyngbyDanish cultural history
Boernenes MuseumCopenhagenMuseum designed for children
CarlsbergmuseetValbyDanish Carlsberg Brewey
Kongelige Stalde & KareterCopenhagenHorses and carriages
Dansk Post- & TelegrafmuseumCopenhagenHistory of postal and telegraphic services
Danske FilmmuseumCopenhagenDenmark`s national film archives
Danske Kongers Kron.SamlingCopenhagenRoyal chambers, interiors
Dragoer MuseumDragoerHistory of the small town
FrihedsmuseetCopenhagenDanish resistance movement
FrilandsmuseetLyngby Old Danish farms and cottages
Geologisk MuseumCopenhagenGeological Museum
Georg Jensen MuseumCopenhagenSilverware
Guinness Wold of Records MuseumCopenhagenFantastic and fabulous records
HT-MuseetRoedovreRestored tramcars and buses
Karen Blixen MuseetRungstedThe author Karen Blixen
KunstindustrimuseetCopenhagenDanish industrial and decorative art
Koebenhavns BymusemCopenhagenHistory of Copenhagen
Koebenhavns U-båds MuseumCopenhagenTechnical museum/Russian submarine
LegetøjsmuseetCopenhagenCollection of toys
Livgardens Historiske SamlingCopenhagenHistory of the Royal Danish Life Guard
Louis Tussaud`s Wax MuseumCopenhagenDisplays living and dead legends
Lousiana Museum for moderne kunstHumlebaekModern paintings and sculptures
Medicinsk-Historisk  MuseumCopenhagenDevelopment of medical science
Mekanisk Musik MuseumHoersholmMechinical musical instruments
Morskabs-MuseetFrederiksbergDanish Museum of Light Theatre
Museet for Moderne KunstIshoejInternational art museum
Museet ved Sct. Ansgar KirkeCopenhagenCatholic community in Copenhagen
Museum EroticaCopenhagenThe first erotic museum in the world
Musikhistorisk Museum & Carl Claudius SamlingCopenhagenThe history of European musical instruments
NationalmuseetCopenhagenNational Museum
Nationalmuseets KlunkehjemCopenhagenFlat containing authentic interiors
Ny Carlsberg GlyptotekCopenhagenEgyptian, Greek, Roman and Etruscan art
Ole Rømer MuseetTaastrupThe Danish astonomer Ole Roemer
OrdrupgaardsamlingenCharlottenlundImpressionist art and Danish art
OrlogsmuseetCopenhagenHistory of the Danish Navy
Politihistorisk MuseumCopenhagenThe history of the police
Ripley`s Believe it or not! MuseumCopenhagenExciting, exotic, entertaining curiosities
Sommers Veteranbil  MuseumNaerum45 classic cars
Statens Museum for KunstCopenhagenEuropean & Danish paintings and sculptures
Storm P. MuseetFrederiksbergCartoons and paintings
Søllerød Museum - MothsgaardenHolteLocal cultural history
Søllerød Musem -VedbækfundeneHolteLife of tribes of hunters
TeatermuseetCopenhagenThe history of Danish theatre
TelefonmuseumCopenhagenThe development of telephony
Thorvaldsens MuseumCopenhagenThe sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen
Tivoli MuseetCopenhagenThe history of Tivoli Gardens
Tobaksmuseet - W O LarsenCopenhagenPipes from all over the world
TøjhusmuseetCopenhagenInternational weapons, uniforms, flags
Zoologisk MuseumCopenhagenZoological museum
20/10 *
15.00 KM.
30/15 *
2.00 KM.
FREE5.00 KM.
10/1 *5.00 KM.
FREE15.00 KM.
30/00 *15.00 KM.
30/00 *1.00 KM.
FREE3.00 KM.
10/5 *
1.00 KM.
FREE2.00 KM.
35/5 *1.00 KM.
10/5 *15.00 KM.
FREE1.00 KM.
30/0 *

15.00 KM.
FREE1.00 KM.
FREE0.50 KM.
48/20 *0.50 KM.
15/7 *7.00 KM.
30/0 *20.00 KM.
30/0 * 1.00 KM.
FREE1.00 KM.

1.00 KM.
25/12 *1.00 KM.
FREE1.00 KM.
48/20 *0.10 KM.
48/15 * 38.00 KM.
FREE1.00 KM.
20/10 *25.00 KM.
25/10 *2.00 KM.
-20.00 KM.
FREE1.00 KM.
49/49 *1.00 KM.
15/3 *

1.00 KM.
30/0 *0.50 KM.
30/0 *0.50 KM.
15/0 *

0.50 KM.
FREE20.00 KM.
20/0 *10.00 KM.
25/15 *2.00 KM.
20/0 *2.00 KM.
48/20 *

0.00 KM.
FREE10.00 KM.
30/0 *

1.00 KM.
20/1 *
2.00 KM.
FREE10.00 KM
10/0 *10.00 KM
20/5 *1.00 KM
20/10 *0.00 KM
20/5 *1.00 KM
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