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Museums - In and around Copenhagen

Hovedgade 4-12, St. Magleby, 2791 Dragør
Phone +45
Museum of local history: Costumes, cultural history, art, agriculture from about 1520. Clothes and textiles, paintings and drawings from Amager, interiors etc.

Rømergade 22, 1362 Copenhagen K
Phone +45, Fax +45
The museum portrays the life and cultural history of the working class in Denmark since 1870 in the form of a number of scenes of daily life. A restaurant decorated in the style of 1892 serves Danish food, beer and schnapps.

B&W Museet:
Teglholmsgade 41, 2450 Copenhagen SV
Phone +45
Technical museum focusing on shipping, technology and means of transport. Located on three storey in a renovated warehouse, this museum outlines the history of the B&W shipyard since its foundation in 1853.

Rahbeks Alle 23, 1801 Frederiksberg C
Phone +45
The Bakkehus Museum is a museum of literature and cultural history in the Golden Age in Denmark (about 1780-1850). Open on Wednesdays and during weekends from May to December.

Ballerup Egnsmuseum:
Pederstrupvej 51, 2750 Ballerup
Phone +45, Fax +45
Museum of local traditions and history from the Stone Age to our time. Located in an old village comprising an ecological farm with cows, sheep, pigs and horses in the fields.

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