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Museums - In and around Copenhagen

Geologisk Museum:
Øster Voldgade 5-7, 1350 Copenhagen K
Phone +45, Fax +45
The Geological Museum displays minerals from all over the world, as well as one of the world`s finest collections of meteorites, a piece of the moon, and fossilized animals and plants. Exhibitions focusing on the geology of Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Georg Jensen Museum:
Amager Torv 6, 1160 Copenhagen K
Phone +45, Fax +45
Silverware made by Georg Jensen Silver Workshop from 1904 to 1940. The museum is open during normal shopping hours.

Guinness Wold of Records Museum:
Østergade 16, 1100 Copenhagen K
Phone +45, Fax +45
Thousand of fantastic and fabulous records from the famous Guinness Book of Records shown in exciting settings.

Islevdalsvej 119, 2610 Rødovre
Phone +45
Exhibition of beautifully restored tram cars and buses, for example a horse-drawn tram car form 1880, the only tram car of its type still in existence in Denmark, and the oldest bus in Denmark, dating back from 1913. More recent tram cars and buses are also displayed at the HT Museum.

Karen Blixen Museet:
Rungsted Strandvej 111, 2960 Rungsted
Phone +45, Fax +45
The childhood home of the author Karen Blixen (1885-1962). She returned to live here after having spent seventeen years in Africa. The rooms are shown as they were when Karen Blixen lived in the house and wrote her stories and novels there.

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