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In the footsteps of the Vikings!
Places to visit ¦ The Viking at home ¦ The Viking abroad

The vikings are here!The Vikings left their mark in European history as well as left their footprints in the Danish landscape. We invite you to take a virtual tour in the World of the Vikings .
ou will be going back in time and visit monuments and museums but also enjoy some of the greatest landscapes in Denmark.
The Viking abroad:
The Vikings are best remembered for their adventures lifestyle. Over a period of 300 years, from year 750-1050, the Vikings in their maneuverable ships travelled as far as Greenland (North), North Africa (South), the Caspian Sea (East) and North America (West).

The Vikings were known as merchants, explorers, colonialists and not least warriors, robbers and conquers.
The coastal areas of Western Europe were the Vikings favorite targets. The monasteries were wealthy and easy targets. Viking fleets attacked whole territories, Friesland was looted in year 810 and later Flanders and Dorestad (the trading center of Northern Europe) was attacked. (continue)

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