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In the footsteps of the Vikings!
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Moesgård - museum


The manorhouse Moesgård is a prehistoric museum.
The prehistoric exhibitions consist of many imported findings from the period of the Vikings such as a magnate`s grave with riding equipment and weapons.
Another grave shows a beheaded slave who was buried with his master.

Here you find Moesgaard

From the excavations of "Danevirke" (the rampart protecting the south of Jutland) a part of the wooden construction, which served as a foundation for a part of the rampart can be seen here. In the Hall of Runic Stones you will find a great collection of runic stones from the Viking period.

The exhibitions also includes many objects relating to the daily life and craftsmanship, from archaeological excavations in Århus.

In the center of Århus an exhibition has been set up directly on the spot where on of the excavations took place, 3 meters below street level. You can experience the rampart, streets with complete wooden pavings and one of the workshops.
A similar workshop has been reconstructed under the open sky at Moesgård.

At Moesgård you will also find a reconstruction of one of the so called "Hedeby houses" and a wooden church from the Viking period is being reconstructed at present.

During the last weekend of July a Viking happening is taking place. At Moesgård beach the Viking ships will put in, riders and warriors will compete, goods will be traded and there will plenty to eat and drink.

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