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In the footsteps of the Vikings!
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Sjellebro - monument


On a meadow where the road from "Ebeltoft" to "Randers" crosses "Alling stream", you will see a strange stone.
On the stone you will notice what could look like a masked face with a plaited beard and gloomy eyes.

Archaeologic findings show that "Alling steam" has been crossed here by humans through thousands of years. Around year 752 a solid road was built of timber and around year 1.000 the road was improved.

The "Mask" stone should have had magic powers and protect the travellers against evil. Contrary to other "mask" stones this stone carries no inscription.

The runic stones is proof of the first written language in Denmark and has given us valuable information about the Viking`s personal and social behaviour. Many of the runic stones has been raised in honor of leading persons within the military hierarchy.

Here you find Sjellebro

One stone found near Sjellebro (now to be seen at the prehistoric museum Moesgård) carries the inscription: "Toke smed rejste stenen efter Troels, Gudmunds søn, som gav ham frelse". This inscription is unique as it tells us that the stone was raised by a slave named "Toke", the son of Gudmund, who gave him his liberty. It also tells us that "Toke" was a smith.
Normally monuments were raised by people belonging to the so called upper class and not by liberated slaves and craftsmen.

Few runic stones can be found where they were raised many hundred years ago. Most stones were moved and used when building churches and dikes.

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