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In the footsteps of the Vikings!
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Ribes Vikinger - museum


The museum is located in the center of Ribe with a beautiful view to Ribe stream and the cathedral. In this area the first Nordic town was founded around year 700.

According to archaeological findings a big marketplace was located next to the stream, the many findings are on exhibition at the museum.

During the early Viking period Ribe was a important trading center for western Europe and the rest of Scandinavia.
The marketplace was also used for the production of perls, combs, bronze jewelry and other items.

Here you find Ribes Vikinger

At the museum you can learn about Ribe`s development during the Viking period where ramparts were built to protect the town. The christian missionary Ansgar founded a wooden church in Ribe around year 850, however the location of the church is still unknown.

If you want to visit the "World of the Vikings", the museum has a multimedia room, where you can experience sounds and lights from back then. By use of computers you can go on discovery and search for valuable information.
In the lecture room videos about "Ribes Vikinger" are shown in different languages, every day.

Outside Ribe a Viking center has been built, and a part of Ribe's marketplace has been reconstructed here. During the summer period a big Viking market is open to the public and you have the opportunity to learn how the craftsmen worked many hundred years ago.

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