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In the footsteps of the Vikings!
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Nationalmuseet -
The Danish National museum

Located in the heart of Copenhagen. Over the last couple of years the museum has been modernized and the permanent exhibitions are nearly complete.

The exhibition "Prehistoric Denmark" tells you about the times of the Vikings in general but also presents some of the most important and sumptuous findings .

Ample grave findings have their own area. Here you will also see the impressive ship grave from "Ladby", where a magnate was buried in his 22 meter long ship.
Here you find Nationalmuseet

The "silver age"

Another area exhibits the great treasuries found. The period of the Vikings is also called the "silver age" as silver during that period of time was the most important precious metal. Most of the treasuries are of foreign origin giving evidence to the fact that Vikings were great travellers and not least raiders. To strengthen their position the Danish Viking kings built several fortifications and impressive buildings which still can bee seen. Comprehensive archaeological excavations has shown that the Vikings were great engineers in creation of monumental architecture.

A separate area is dedicated royal buildings and here you can see a model of "Danevirke", the rampart of Jutland. In addition you can learn about the unique circle castles "Trelleborg" and "Fyrkat" and the monument in Jellinge dedicated the kings of Vikings.

A section of the museum displays characteristic runic stones from the Viking period.

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