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In the footsteps of the Vikings!
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Vikingeskibshallen -
The Hall of the Viking ships

The permanent exhibition also cover the general part of the Viking society and a full scale model of one of the cargo ships including cargo.

Located by Roskilde fjord next to Roskilde marina.
5 Viking ships are on display in the hall. You have a great view over the fjord where the ships very rescued by a major archaeologic operation in 1962.

In the summer you can enjoy a trip on one of the ships belonging to the museum, namely "Roar Ege" and "Helge Ask".


Here you find Vikingskibshallen

The biggest of the two warships - the 31 meter long "wreck 2" was built in Ireland around year 1060 and could man 60-100 warriors. Two cargo ships rescued are of the type used to sail the North Atlantic ocean to Ireland, Greenland and North America. The last ship rescued was probably used for fishing.

Every year have special exhibitions covering the maritime universe. Visit the cinema and enjoy films (in several languages) about the excavation, conservation and rebuilding of the 5 ships. You will also see how a full scale copy of a Viking ship is built and tested.

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