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Where to go in Hannover

The museum/Art gallery page

Museums / Art Galleries

Historisches Museum
Pferdestr. 6

The museum located in Hannover´s old town adjoins the "Beginenturm", the largest tower of the old city fortification and is a place where one encounters the history and cultural history of the city of Hanover and the folklore and history of the former kingdom of Lower Saxony.

Highlights include the magnificent coaches of the English kings of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the charter of 1241, acknowledging the freedom of the city.

Opening hours: Tue 10am-8pm, Wed-Fri 10am-4pm, Sat & Sun 10am-6pm

Fürstenhaus Herrenhausen Museum
Alte Herrenhäuserstr. 14

This small palace was built in 1721 and today is home to paintings, furniture and possessions of the former royal House of Hanover. In these homely furnished rooms one can find remarkable individual works of art such as the life-size portraits of George III and his wife Sophie Charlotte.

Opening hours: 10am - 6pm, Mondays closed

Sprengel Museum
Kurt Schwitters Platz

The Sprengel museum is the most modern in Hanover which devotes itself to twentieth century art. The museum was founded in 1969 when Dr. Bernhard Sprengel donated a collection to the city of Hanover. This museum ranks among the German museums that exhibit exclusively modern art of international significance. In addition to many masterpieces one can also marvel at paintings by Boccioni, Chagall and Picasso.

Opening hours: Tue 10am-10pm, Wed-Sun 10am-6pm

Wilhelm Busch Museum
Georgengarten 1

Only ten minutes walk away from the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen lies the Wilhelm Busch museum which is both a German museum for caricature and critical graphic arts. It exhibits drawings, paintings and poems of Wilhelm Busch and contains nearly all the originals of the picture stories which appeared between 1865 ("Max and Moritz") and 1884. Every year several exhibitions of contemporary critical graphic arts take place here and the museum also displays a collection of Heinrich Zille.

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10am-5pm

Kestner Museum
Trammplatz 3

The Kestner museum is situated next to the new town hall. In 1884 Hermann Kestner bequeathed to the city of Hanover an extensive collection of Egyption, Greek, Etruscan, Roman and post-antique works of art, which has since constantly increased thanks to further donations and acquisitions. Here one can find coins and medals from antiquity up until nowadays, arts and crafts from the middle ages until the present day and the Egyptian section provides an extensive insight into the ancient Egyptian art and culture dating from the year 4000 B.C. up until Roman Christian times.

Opening hours: Tue-Fri 10am-4pm, Sat & Sun 10am-6pm

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