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Steinhuder Meer

Steinhuder Meer

The lake at Steinhude forms the centre of a national park with the same name founded in 1975. The average depth of the water is only 1.35 metres. As a result of its beautiful setting and the variety of water sports it has to offer, Steinhude attracts visitors from Lower Saxony´s capital Hannover and the surrounding areas as well as from far beyond.

From 1724 - 1777 Count Wilhelm of Schaumburg erected the Wilhelmstein fortress on an artificial island in the middle of the lake which has become a popular tourist attraction. On summer weekends several thousand boats sail along the lake.

How to get from Hannover to Steinhuder Meer:
Train to Wunstorf, Bus 776 to Steinhude 
By car: B6 to Neustadt, into Neustadt and follow the signs to Steinhude.

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