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Guided Tour of the Town Hall and Trip in the Tower Lift

The View

At the beginning of the century-from 1901 to 1913- the colossal New Town Hall was built in the magnificent style of the Emperor Wilhelm era.
The dome with its gilded spire measures 97.37 metres, making the Town Hall one of the highest buildings in Hannover after the Telemax. Inside, models of the city depict the development of Hannover in four different phases: 1689, 1939, 1945 after its destruction, and today. An 85-year-old inclined lift ( a rare engineering
feat ) takes visitors up to a vantage platform, from which they can enjoy a splendid panorama of the city.

Dates: 1st April - 31st October

Price: DM 3.00 adults-DM 2.00 children

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