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Rome today is a thoroughly modern, high-powered European capital, enticing a constant stream of tourists marvelling at the treasures of art and antiquity in the city that invented "la dolce vita".
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Don't get too systematic when planning an itinerary of sites in Rome. Often opening hours are simply approximate, dependent on the mood, the day, or the weather. If you're scheduled too closely, you'll end up frustrated: Rome doesn't operate to a stopwatch. Don't try to see too much in one day.
You may want to plan to see the holy and religious sites of Rome at one go, as you'll need to dress up a little to visit them. Most of these sites demand that visitors wear modest clothing, or at least not wear shorts, miniskirts, sleeveless shirts, or anything with a décolletage. Clean jeans and a T-shirt will do, if that's all you've got.
There are a number of special-priced museum passes for sale (Museidon is one of them). Buying one of these cards will save some money. However, make sure before you buy that you're planning on going to the museums on offer. Often the passes will get you into second-rung sites, but not the ones you came to Rome to see.

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