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Local time: GMT+1
29Mar-26Sep: GMT+2 Telephone: +352
Language: Luxemburgish, Ger,Fr.
Electricity: 220v 50c AC Currency: Luxembourg
franc (LUF)

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Sightseeing - Luxembourg


View over Luxembourg city

ON-LINE SIGHTSEEING: You can be assured of an open and friendly welcome here from people who are accustomed to mixing freely with their European neighbours and usually speak more than one language. Besides their native tongue Letzebuergisch, German, French and English are common.

Luxembourgers are proud to call their country the green heart of Europe. Of a total size of only 1000 square miles over a third is covered in forest. The remainder contains a great deal that is of historical and cultural interest , most of it within an area that is easily explored on foot , although every visitor with a day to spare should take a trip out into the country itself. Of the historical sites the fortress is probably the most impressive , and by walking through the Alzette and Petrusse valleys it is possible to visit the many kilometres of underground corridors built into the rocks at Bock and Petrusse.

The oldest part of the City centre was built in the renaissance style and nearby is the Palace, the official residence of the Grand Duke, one wing of which also contains The House of Commons. Don't miss the changing of the guard.! About 100 metres from the Palace, Place Guillaume, also called the Knuedler, fronts on to the City Hall and is overlooked by a Statue of William 11, King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke. It also hosts a bustling market every Wednesday and Saturday. Notre Dame Cathedral with its three towers is the symbol of the City and dates back to the 17th century.

St Michaels Church is also worth a visit as is the Place de la Constitutions with its statue of the Gelle Fra. Not far away is the Place d'Armes where locals and tourists gather to meet, relax, talk and enjoy a wide variety of restaurants.

EXCURSIONS: MILITARY CEMENTARY at Hamm, 5 km from Luxembourg (direction Sandweiler). 5.100 American soldiers of the famous Army of General Patton jr. are burried and he is with them. A kilometer further on, a German military cemetary contains about 11.000 graves.

MONDORF LES BAINS, Thermal and tourist resort, thermal installations. Mondorf park (36 ha), CASINO 2000. MOSELLE VALLEY from Schengen (German/French border) about 40 km to the north up to Wasserbillig. Follow the "Route du Vin". Possibility to taste the famous Luxembourg Moselle wines [Check our WINE page] in the major "Caves Coop-eratives". White wines: Elbling, Rivaner, Riesling, Auxerrois, Pinot Gris and the Traminer. ECHTERNACH, at the valley of the river Sûre, famous for its Dancing processing. (The Tuesday following Whit Sunday). Worth to see: City Hall standing on the picturesque market place¨, the Abbey, dating back to 1727. The Basilic of St. Willibrord.

"LITTLE LUXEMBOURGISH SWITZERLAND": Berdorf, in the heart of the Little Luxembourgish Switzerland, overlooking the valley of the Sûre and the Mullerthal. MULLERTHAL is famous for its river cascades. BEAUFORT, well known for its Cassis. VIANDEN, one of the most famous beauty spots in the Grand Duthy. Really worth visiting is the caste, main structure dating back to the 11-13th century. CLERVAUX, in the midst of the Ardennes. Benedictine Abbey build in 1910 in Romanesque-Burgundian style, also take a look at the feudal caste. ESCH SUR SURE sitting inside the loop taken by the river Sûre.Overlooking the village are the ruins of a castle (10th century). Take the road from Esch sur Sûre to INSENBORN. The road runs along the lake of Haute Sûre, wonderful panoramic view points. Also worth a visit: Diekirch and Wiltz.

  • Tourist Train        "Luxembourg Live"
  • Apr01-Oct31Regular depart. from 10am, last 06pm.200(A), 150(C)
  • Amusementpark, Bettenburg
  • Eastern-4th Sun in Oct09.30am-06pm, Sun-07pm80(A), 60(G), 60(C), 50(GC)
  • Tourist Train        "Echternach Live"
  • Apr01-Oct31Regular depart. from 10am, last 06pm.150(A), 120(G), 120(C)
  • The Butterfly Garden, Grevenmacher
  • (a)Apr01-Aug31, (b)Sep01-Oct31(a)09.30am-06pm,
    150(A), 120(G), 80(C), 50(GC)
  • Casino 2000,        
  • Jan01-Dec31,
    Dec23-24 closed
    Gambling-machines from 03pm,
    rest of casino 04pm
    20 and 100
  • Tourist Train 1900, Rodange
  • May01-last Sun in SepSun & holidays 03pm,04.20pm,05.40pm,
    Depart: Bois-de-Rodange
    140, second class 70
  • Aquarium,
  • (a)Jun01-Oct31, (b)Jul15-Sep15(a)Sat 02pm-06pm, Sun-holidays
    10am-Noon, 02pm-06pm,
    (b)10am-Noon, 02pm-06pm
    40(A), 30(G), 30(C), 30(GC)

    [ A-Adult, G-Groups, C-Children, GC-Children in groups ]


    1.City promenade: In the company of an experienced guide, you will enjoy walking around the city for two hours and discover a host of specific attractions. Place d'Armes, Place de la Constitutions, the Government District, the Plateau du St-Esprit, the Corniche, the Monument of the Millenium, the Old Town, the Palace of the Grand Dukes (the outside), the Place Guillaume.

    When? Daily from Easter Saturday to 31st. October at 2.30 p.m.
    Where? Luxembourg City Tourist Office (Place d'Armes).
    Price? 200.- LUF. per person 100.- LUF. for children.
    Tickets? Luxembourg City Tourist Office (Place d'Armes).

    2.WENZEL-100 years in 100 minutes: The "Wenzel" itinerary, a guided tour through the upper and lower towns: the Bock" promontory, the Old Town, the Wenceslas ring wall, the valley with its unique fortifications. The Council of Europe has rated this promenade an *exemplary itinerary*.

    When? Every Saturday from 27th. May to 31st. October at 3 p.m.
    Where? Luxembourg City Tourist Office (Place d'Armes).
    Price? 240.- LUF. per person 120.- LUF. for children
    Tickets? Luxembourg City Tourist Office (Place d'Armes) and "Bock-casemates.


    Free entrance: The National museum: Is located in the old part of Luxembourg city. The museum is not only a museum for natural history and history but is also a museum of art. Luxembourgish artists such as Kutter, Klopp, Weis, Wercollier are represented.

    You will also find works of foreign artist such as Alechinsky, Bazaine, Beaudin, Bissière, Borès, Estève, Etienne-Martin, Lanskoy, Laurens, Lobo, Lurcat, Maillol, Manessier, Pignon, Pliakoff, Viera de Silva and Villon. The National museum is opened Mon-Fri from 10am-Noon and from 01pm-05pm. Sat from 02pm-06pm. and Sun 10am-Noon and 02pm-06pm.

    In the city park (Arlonerstraße) you will find the J.P. Pescatore-Museum. Here you find Dutch and French paintings from the 17th, 18th and 19th century.
    Local museums can be found in Diekirch, Dudelange, Vianden, Wiltz, Bech-Kleinmacher (Possenhaus), Binsfeld, Clervaux, Ettelbrück, Larochette, Echternach, Niederfeulen, Nospelt, Rumelange, Ehnen and Schwebsingen. In Vianden you will find a Victor-Hugo Museum. If you are interested in learning more about the Luxembourgish resistance during the second world war, visit the museum in Esch-sur-Alzette.

    of Art, Lux.
    Sat & Sun 09am-Noon, 
    During the other months different exhibitions-Free entrance.
    Thu & Sat guided tours
    The National Museum, Lux.
    See aboveSee aboveSee above
    Mail Museum, Lux.
    Jan01-Dec31Mon-Fri 02pm-05pmFree entrance
    Winemuseum A Possen, Bech-Kleinmacher
    Eastern-Oct31Tue-Sun 02pm-07pm90(A), 90(G), 40(C), 40(GC)
    Country Museum, Binsfeld
    Eastern-Nov08Tue-Sun 10am-Noon, 
    80(A), 40(C)
    Ardennen Museum, Clervaux
    (a)Whitsun - mid-Sep
    (b)Mid-Sep - Whitsun
    Jan & Feb closed
    (a)Mon-Sun 10am-05pm,
    (b)Mon-Sun 01pm-05pm
    40(A), 15(G), 5(C)
    Ardennen Museum, Diekirch
    May01-Oct31, 2 weeks around Eastern10am-Noon, 02pm-06pm80(A), 50(C)
    Roman Mosaic, Diekirch
    May01-Oct31, 2 weeks around Eastern10am-Noon, 02pm-06pm, 
    Thu closed
    20(A), 10(C)
    Town Museum, Dudelange
    Jan01-Jul15, Sep01-Dec31Daily 03pm-06pm, 
    Thu closed
    Free entrance
    Abbey Museum, Echternach
    Whitsun-SepDaily 10am-Noon, 02pm-06pm
    outside the season Sat & Sun 02pm-05pm
    40(A), 20(G), 20(C), 10(GC) 
    Prehistoric Museum,
    Apr01-Sep30Tue-Sun 10am-Noon, 
    40(A), 20(G), 20(C), 10(GC) 
    Winemuseum & House, Ehnen
    Apr01-Oct31Tue-Sun 09.30am-11.30am 
    and 02pm-05pm
    During other months appointment must be made
    60(A), 50(G), 30(C)
    Museum for National 
    Jan01-Dec31Thu,Sat & Sun 03pm-06pmFree entrance
    Patton Museum, Ettelbrück
    Jul15-Sep0101pm-05pm50(A), 25(G), 25(C), 25(GC)
    Museum for Cultural Inheritance, Ettelbrück
      Free entrance
    Museum for Industry, 
    Jan01-Dec31 Free entrance
    A Roman Villa, Mersch
    Jan01-Dec31Address: 1a, rue des Romains, MerschFree entrance
    Museum for Farm 
          Architecture, Niederfeulen
    Jan01-Dec31Wed,Fri & Sat 02pm-10pm, Sun 10am-10pm20(A), 10(C)
    Potter`s Museum, Nospelt
    Eastern and Jul01-Aug31Tue-Sun 02pm-06pm30(A), 20(G), 15(C), 10(GC)
    National Mining 
    (a)Eastern-Oct31, (b)Nov01-Eastern(a)02pm-06pm, (b)2nd Sat & Sun in the month 02pm-06pm70(A), 60(G), 30(C), 30(GC)
    Folk Art Museum, Vianden
    Apr01-Oct1510am-Noon, 02.30pm-06pm50(A), 35(G), 25(C), 25(GC)
    Automobile Museum 
    "Dinky", Vianden
    Apr-Sep02pm-05.30pm30(A), 20(G), 20(C), 20(GC)
    Victor Hugo House, Vianden
    Apr01-Nov0109.30am-Noon, 02p-06pm25(A), 15(G), 15(C), 15(GC)
    Art & Handicraft Museum, Wiltz
    Whitsun-Sep1510am-Noon, 01.30pm-05.3030(A), 20(G), 10(C)
    Ardennen Museum, Castle in Wiltz
    Whitsun holiday, Jun01-Sep1510am-Noon, 01pm-05pm40(A), 20(G), 15(C), 10(GC)

    [ A-Adult, G-Groups, C-Children, GC-Children in groups ]


  • Bockkasematten, Lux.
  • Mar 1-Oct 31Daily 10am-05pm40(A),30(G),
  • Castle ruin, Lux.
  • Jan 1-Dec 31 Free
  • Royal Palace, Lux.
  • Mid-July - start SepDaily Wed & Sun100(A), 50(C)
  • Model fortification, Lux.
  • Summer seasonMon-Sat, Tue closed, 
    10am-12.30pm, 02pm-06pm
    40(A), 30(G), 20(C), 20(GC)
  • Petrussekasematten, Lux.
  • Eastern, Whitsun, Jul-Sep 40(A), 30(G), 20(C), 20(GC)
  • Castle, Beaufort
  • Apr 1- Oct 2509am-06pm50(A), 40(G), 20(C), 15(GC)
  • Castle, Bourscheid
  • Mar 1- Sep3010am-07pm50(A), 30(G), 20(C), 10(GC)
  • Castle ruin, Brandenburg
  • Jan 01-Dec 31 Free
    Castle, Clervaux - Model Luxembourg castles
    (a)From Whitsun - Mid-Sep,
    (b)Mid-Sep - Whitsun, Jan & Feb closed
    40(A), 15(G), 5(C)
  • Castle ruin, Dudelange
  • Jan 01-Dec 31 Free
  • Castle ruin, Esch-sur-Sûre
  • Jan 01-Dec 31 Free
  • Castle ruin, Hesperange
  • Jan 01-Dec 31 Free
  • Castle ruin, Koerich
  • Jan 01-Dec 31 Free
  • Castle ruin, Larochette
  • Eastern-Oct 3110am-07pm50(A), 50(G)
    Castle ruin, Pettingen/Mersch
    Jan 01-Dec 31 Free
  • Castle ruin, Useldange
  • Jan 01-Dec 31 Free
  • Castle, Vianden
  • Jan 01- Dec 31Mar 10am-04pm, 
    Apr 10am-06pm, 
    May01-Aug31 09am-07pm, Sep01-Dec31 
    10am-05pm, Jan01-Feb28 Sat,Sun & holidays 
    100(A), 70(G), 
    30(C), 30(GC)

    [ A-Adult, G-Groups, C-Children, GC-Children in groups ]

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