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Local time: GMT+1
29Mar-26Sep: GMT+2 Telephone: +352
Language: Luxemburgish, Ger,Fr.
Electricity: 220v 50c AC Currency: Luxembourg
franc (LUF)

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Sightseeing - Luxembourg (other activities)



BICYCLING: If you are a member of a bicycle club, you can enjoy around 30 well established routes ranging from 30 km to 545 km. Routes between Hesperange and Luxembourg, Diekirch and Echternach & Vianden, Wiltz and Schimpach, Kautenbach and Wilwerwiltz, Lingen and Hovelange, Echternach and Moersdorf, Luxembourg and Echternach have been completed recently.

HIKING: Luxembourg is said to have established the best net of well marked hiking routes in the world. The national hiking routes are marked with yellow colour, here you find a list of some of them:

•North route: Weiswampach - Diekirch (67 km)
•Our route: Weiswampach - Ouren - Vianden - Diekirch (56 km)
•Eisleck route: Kautenbach - Goebelsmühle (23 km)
•Wiltz route: Goebelsmühle - Wiltz (20 km)
•Obersauer lake route: (42 km)
•Charles-Mathieu route: Esch-sur-Sûre - Wiltz - Vianden (46 km)
•Victor-Hugo route: Ettelbrück - Brandenburg - Vianden (18 km)
•Obersauer route: Martelange - Ettelbrück (57 km)
•Prèitzerdall route: Arsdorf - Bettborn - Ettelbrück (30 km)
•Attert route: Martelange - Redange - Useldange - Mersch (41 km)
•Route of the 7 castles: Gaichel - Steinfort - Mersch (41 km)
•Mamer route: Mamer - Kopstal - Mersch (22 km)
•Little Switzerland route: Mersch - Larochette - Beaufort (27 km)
•Maurice-Cosyn route: Diekirch - Beaufort (13 km)
•Moellerdall route: Dommeldange - Echternack (35 km)
•Alzette route: Dommeldange - Mersch (18 km)
•Untersauer route: Echternach - Wasserbillig (26 km)
•Mosel route: Wasserbillig - Stromberg (Schengen) (54 km)
•South route: Rodange - Bettemburg (84 km).

The Luxembourgish Youth Hostel Center can also supply you with information abouth the routes connecting the different youth hostels.

ANGLING: A fishing permit is available at the District Commissioner`s office in Diekirch and Grevenmacher and at the municipals in Bavigny, Boulaide, Clervaux, Ettelbrück, Esch-sur-Sûre, Neunhausen, Rambrouch, Vianden and Wiltz.
Angling is permitted in the public part of Obersauer (Prevention area II) and in the middle area of Sauer between the Alzette mouth in Ettelbrück and the Our mouth in Wallendorf. In the so called "Prevention are II" you are premitted to use maximum two fishing-rods, In the middle Sauer only one. A sea shore permit cost around Luf. 750 for 1 month and Luf. 750 for 12 months. A boat fishing permit cost around Luf. 200 for 1 month and Luf. 1.000 for 12 months.
Angling in other lakes than those mentioned above requires a written permisson from the tenant of the lake together with a permit (Luf. 100 for 1 month, Luf 500 for 12 months). A permit is also required when angling in the waters between Luxembourg and Germany (Mosel, Sauer, Our). A sea shore permit cost around Luf. 200 for 1 week, Luf. 400 for 1 mont and Luf. 600 for 12 months. A boat fishing permit cost around Luf. 400 for 1 week, Luf. 1.000 for 1 month and Luf. 1.600 for 12 months. Note that angling in the Our also requires a written permission from the tenant of the sea shore and boat fishing is forbidden. For further assistance please contact:

Forstverwaltung, Postfach 411, L-2014 Luxembourg, phone (+352) 40.22.01

Fish ponds are located in Boulaide, Clemency, Clervaux-Reuler, Erpeldange/Ettelbrück, Fishbach/Mersch, Grevenmacher, Lamadelaine, Kockelscheuer, Olingen, Pètange, Pratz, Redange/Attert, Remerschen among other places. Angling is here permitted against a fee.

WATERSPORTS: Rowing is possible on Mosel, Untersauer and the mountain rivers Clerve, Wiltz, Our and Obersauer:

•Unter-Sauer from Ettelbrück to Wasserbillig - rank 1.
•Unter-Our from Vianden to the mouth of Sauer - rank 1.
•Ober-Sauer from Martelange to Ettelbrück - rank 2.
•Ober-Our from Ouren to Vianden - rank 2.
•Clerve from Wilwerwiltz to Kautenbach - rank 2.
•Wiltz from Merkholtz to Goebelsmühle - rank 2.

Ranke 1: Very easy - Ranke 2: Easy.

Further information is available from Office National du Tourisme and Federation Luxembourgeoise de Canoè-Kayak, 6, rue de Pulvermuhl, Luxembourg.

Sailing on the Mosel: The tourist ship Princesse Marie-Astrid is sailing between Schengen and Wasserbillig during the summer season. Landing-stages are available in Wasserbillig, Mertert, Grevenmacher, Machtum, Ahn, Wormeldingen, Ehnen, Stadtbredimus, Remich, Bech-Kleinmacher, Schwebsingen and Schengen.
Further information is available from Navigation Touristique de la Moselle in Grevenmacher, 32, route de Thionville, Postfach 33, phone +352 75.82.75.

The use of motor boats on Mosel and on Sauer by Rosport from a point 150 metres upwards the bridge by Rosport-Ralingen to a point 50 metres upwards the "Staudammes" between June 15th. and August 31st. from 09am-Noon and 05.30pm-10pm. You are required to keep a distance of minimum 10 metres to land, ships and swimmers. Water-skiing on Mosel is only allowed where the "SKI" sign is found.
By Rosport water-skiing is allowed from June 15th. to August 31st. between 09am-Noon and 05.30pm-10pm.

Obersauer lake: Swimming, rowing, diving, surfen, angling and sailing.
Echternacher lake: Sailing, rowing, surfen, angling but also jogging, minigolf and bicycling.
Remerschener lakes: One area is a nature reserve where rare birds can be observed. The other areas are for anglers, swimmers and Windsurfers.
Weiswampacher lakes: Ideal for all major watersports.

TENNIS & SQUASH: Most towns and tourist centres have one or more tennis courts.
Squash can be played at
Squash d`Or (phone +352 48.01.40 - direction Bettenburg),
Squash Club Luxembourg (25, rue de la Gare, Sandweiler),
Sud Squash Center (49, rue Victor Hugo, Esch-sur-Alzette, phone +352 54.44.76),
Winner`s Tennis-und Squashhalle (Zone artisanale, Petange, phone +352 50.14.26) and at
Player`s (Foetz, Minettezentrum, phone +352 55.59.93).

HORSE BACK RIDING: Below you will find a list of Riding-schools and centres where you can enjoy horse bag riding:

•Riding-school Fetschenhaff, Luxembourg-Fetschenhof, phone +352 43.42.04
•Riding-school St-Georges, Luxembourg-Reckenthal, phone +352 44.98.41
•Riding-school Höhenhof, Luxembourg-Findel, phone +352 34.84.56
•Riding-school An der Klaischen, Beaufort, phone +352 866.85
•Rent a horse L`Etrier, Elvange (Bad Mondorf), phone +352 605.55 or 604.16
•Rent a horse Kauffmann, Asselborn, phone +352 984.18
•Rent a horse Lentzweiler, Asselborn, phone +352 984.18
•Riding-school Lallemand, Sanem, phone +352 59.14.02
•Riding-school Derby II, Senningerberg, phone +352 34.87.55
•Riding-school Franziskus, Stegen, phone +352 80.38.88
•Holiday farm Wirtz, Walsdorf, Vianden, phone +352 843.45
•Poney Club du Lys, Roullingen/Wiltz, phone +352 95.76.83
•Riding-school in Wilwerwiltz, phone +352 914.15.

The going rate for horse bag riding is around Luf. 300 per hour.

For further information, please contact Mr. Robert Bintner, 1 rue de L`Alzette, L-7351 Heldange, Luxembourg.

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