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Local time: GMT+1
29Mar-26Sep: GMT+2 Telephone: +352
Language: Luxemburgish, Ger,Fr.
Electricity: 220v 50c AC Currency: Luxembourg
franc (LUF)

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Luxembourgish Specialities & WineLuxembourgish Specialities & Wine

Luxembourg - Wines: The Luxembourg Wine Road streches from Schengen in the South as far as Wasserbillig in the North and passes through 16 villages. The wine growing region on the Moselle extends for some 42 km. and is between 300 and 400 metres wide for the most part. Over half the vineyards are on hillsides with a gradient of up to 40%. Just over a third are on flat ground and about 4% are on terraces.

The wines:
Elbling: In Luxembourg Elbling is the wine for everyday consumption. Elbling is a robust and hearty wine with a low alcohol content.

Rivaner: Rivaner is the second wine for everyday consumption, and the principal for wine export. Ist acidity is lower. It has therefore a pronounced bouquet.

Auxerrois: Auxerrois shows the least acidity. Ist bouquet, which is very strongly pronounced, is easily recognised. It is a wine which can be consumed at any time of the day.

Pinot Blanc: Pinot Blanc is the most neutral of Luxembourg`s wines, and it is therefore particularly suitable as an accompaniment to fish dishes. It is well balanced with an extraordinary freshness.

Ruländer (Pinot Gris): Ruländer is the strongest in alcohol of all Moselle wines. Because of ist full body it is taken mostly as an aperatif, or after a meal. It has a delicate but unmistakable bouquet.

Riesling: Known as the „King of Wines". Ist merits this title by ist freshness and noble bouquet.
Gewürztrauminer: Is recognised by ist delicate, flowery bouquet. As it has such a perfume and is rich in alcohol, it serves well as a dessert wine.

Wine & Gastronomy: Which wine with what food?
As a rule:
Aperitif: Sparkling Wine, Auxerrois, Ruländer, old Riesling.
Cold starters: Elbling, Rivaner, Pinot Blanch. Seafood: All except Traminer.
Poultry, Veal & Pork: Pinot Blanch, Riesling, Ruländer, Auxerrois. Lamb: Riesling, Ruländer.
Red Meat: Riesling, Ruländer, Elbling.
Game: Ruländer, Riesling, Auxerrois.
Mushroom Dishes: Auxerrois, Riesling, Ruländer, Traminer. Dessert: Ruländer, Traminer, Sparkling Wine.

Luxembourg Specialities:
Tiirtech (Cabbage with potatoes): Elbling.
Rou-Tou-Tou (Potatoes Hot-pot): Elbling.
Kniddelen (Dumplings): Riesling, Auxerrois.
Kënnbaak: Riesling, Rivaner.
Trout: Riesling, Pinot Blanch, Auxerrois, Ruländer.
Träipen(Black pudding): Rivaner, Elbling.
Kuddelfleck (Tripe): Elbling, Auxerrois, Riesling.
Eislecker Ham (Ardennes ham): Riesling, Ruländer. Gehäck: Elbling, Pinot Blanc.
Judd mat Gaardebounen (Pork with Broad beans): Riesling, Pinot Blanch, Ruländer, Auxerrois.
Kriipsen (Crayfish): Riesling.

General dishes:
Herring Salad: Auxerrois, Pinot Blanch.
Meat Saled: Auxerrois, Pinot Blanch.
Asparagus: Auxerrois, Riesling.
Sausage, Cold Meat: Elbling, Rivaner, Auxerrois.
Goose Liver: Traminer.
Omelet & other Egg Dishes: Auxerrois. Pâte: Rivaner, Pinot Blanch, Ruländer, Riesling.
Mushrooms: Riesling, Ruländer.
Truffles: Traminer.
Pigs' Trotters: Rivaner, Pinot Blanch, Riesling.
Salad of Leeks and Braun. Riesling.
Fresh Salmon with Cream of Goose Liver. Auxerrois.
Orange Salad: Auxerrois.
Onion Soup: Ruländer, Traminer.
Snails, Frogs'Legs: Ruländer, Riesling.

Chicken, Spring Chicken (Coq au Riesling): Auxerrois, Ruländer, Riesling.
Grilled Poultry: Rivaner, Riesling.
Roast Goose: Riesling.
Duck: Auxerrois, Ruländer.
Roast Breast of Duck: Riesling.
Duck in Apple Sauce: Riesling, Auxerrois.

Fish and Shellfish:
Sea Salmon: Auxerrois, Pinot Blanch.
Perch Fillets: Auxerrois, Pinot Blanch.
Cod: Auxerrois, Pinot Blanch.
Sole (boiled): Ruländer, Riesling.
Trout (boiled): Ruländer, Riesling.
Carp: Riesling, Auxerrois.
Sole and Trout (baked): Riesling (Upper Moselle).
Eel: Riesling (Upper Moselle).
Smoked Fish: Elbling, Rivaner.
Pike: Pinot Blanch, Riesling.
Turbot: Pinot Blanch, Riesling, Ruländer (young), Traminer.
Fish vol-au-vents: Rivaner, Pinot Blanch, Ruländer, Auxerrois.
Oysters: Sparkling Wine, Elbling.
Lobster: Riesling, Ruländer, Traminer.
Crab: Pinot Blanch, Riesling.
Mussels: Pinot Blanch, Riesling, Elbling.

Veal & Pork:
Veal Medallions in Sorrel Sauce: Riesling
Sweetbreads: Auxerrois, Riesling.
Veal Cutlets (Schnitzel): Rivaner, Auxerrois, Riesling (Lower Moselle).
Roast Pork: Riesling, Ruländer.
Ham - smoked: Riesling, Ruländer.
Ham - cooked: Auxerrois, Riesling.

Leg of Lamb: Ruländer, Riesling.
Lamb Cutlets: Riesling (Upper Moselle)
Lamb Stew: Auxerrois, Riesling.
Provencale Lamb: Pinot Noir.
Roast Fillet of Lamb: Pinot Noir, Ruländer.

Beef Fillet: Riesling, Ruländer.
Entrecôte: Rivaner, Riesling.
Roast Beef: Riesling, Pinot Gris.
Touredos Rossini: Ruländer.

Rabbit in Cider: Ruländer.
Wild Duck with Brussels sprouts: Pinot Noir.
Pheasant: Auxerrois, Muscat, Ruländer.
Hare: Ruländer.
Young Wild Boar: Auxerrois.
Venison: Ruländer, Riesling.

Nut Cake: Ruländer, Traminer.
Sorbets: Sparkling Wine.
Tarts: Ruländer, Traminer.
Cherry Cake: Kirsch-Schnaps.
Plum Tart: Quetsch.
Coffee: All Schnaps.

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