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Portugal´s most important Cities


The origin of Coimbra comes from prehistoric times, founded on the Alcaçova hill above the Mondego river. Its present name comes from the nearby Roman settlement of Conimbriga. Its University, one of the oldest in Europe, was founded in the 13th century. Coimbra is crossed by the Mondego river, a so frequently theme in Portuguese literature that it is also known as The River of Poets. People say that purest Portuguese is still spoken in Coimbra. Being the city of students thought the ages, Coimbra is associated with Portugal´s most important religious, artistic, intellectual and political figures more than any other city in Portugal.

Even today Coimbra´s life is much influenced by student life at the university, plenty of tradition. Students use to wear black frock coats and capes adorned with colored ribbons, representing their faculties. Fado de Coimbra is a special kind of Fado, usually sing by students, allways a male voice with romantic lyrics acompained by the traditional 12-string Coimbra guitar.



    Penedo da Saudade
    Castelo de Sao Jorge
    Torre de Anto
    Velha Universidade
    Casa de Sobre-Ripas


    Museu Machado de Castro


    The Se Velha
    Mosteiro de Santa Cruz
    Igreja do Carmo
    Convento de Santa Clara-a-Nova

    Parks and Gardens:

    Jardim Botanico
    Parque da Santa Cruz
    Portugal dos Pequeninos

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