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The most impressive image of the region is the peaceful landscape created by the vast open plains in Ribatejo and the extense golden wheat fields in Alentejo. Here you can find the ramarkable traces of sucessive cultures: dolmens and cromlechs, Roman and Arab vestiges and the most recent vestiges of Christianity. Located on the banks of Tagus river and dominated by SANTAREM, in the north-western part of the region is a fertile grassland, where the finest bulls and horses roam peacefully. To the north-east are the beatiful villages and towns which make up the so called Castle Route: Nisa, Castelo de Vide, Marvao, Portalegre and Alter do Chao. On the coastline are offered the visitor magnificent Atlantic beaches. BEJA is an ancient Roman town and a Muslim cultural centre later on. In the Queen Leonor Museum you can find a collection of valuable archeologic finds. In CASTELO DE VIDE, a thermal spa, there is a medieval castle and a Jewish quarter with a 15th century Synagogue and ancient churches. ELVAS is a fortress town with Roman-Arabe castle where can be seen a 15th century aqueduct. EVORA is one of the most beautiful towns in Portugal. Museum town of Roman origins, its historic centre is classified in UNESCO´s International heritage list. Here you can find a lot of historical monuments with the most diverse origins ans styles. Near the beautiful medieval village of MONSARAZ you can find a megalithic nucleus with over 100 dolmens and cromlechs. In ARRAIOLOS you must not miss the worldwide famous handmade tapestries and rugs. All the region is full of nice towns and villages where you can find most things of great interest, from all style monuments to a great variety of unic handicrafts, not forgeting, of course, some delicious Atlantic beaches. Besides the ones mentioned above, some cities and places you must not miss, are: Portalegre, Santarem, Vila Viçosa, Constancia, Escoural (archeologic park), Marvao, Ourique and Vila Nova de Milfontes

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