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Algarve is situated in the extreme south of Portugal. Here, with marvelous beaches, warm water and a glorious shunshine year-round you can spend your dream holliday. Traces of the Mourish presence are still everywhere in its unic architecture: terraces, chimneys and nice, white-washed houses. You can reach Algarve either by road (IP1), from Lisboa or by air thought Faro international airport. With its fabulous temperatures year-round (average temperature in winter of 14șC and 24șC in summer) and all sort of open air sports, long sandy beaches, broken up by extraordinary regged cliffs and fantastic grottoes, this region makes the delight of those who want to spend calm and sunny hollidays also with all sort of ammusement and an exciting nightlife. Amongst various ports and harbours, special mention to the marinas of Vilamoura and Lagos. FARO is the capital of this region. With a medieval wall and a large number of monuments, the city combines the old origins with a modern comercial and labour life. LAGOS, enclosed within a 15th century wall has a charming marina. The renowed beach Praia da Rocha is in PORTIMAO, where you can also see the Roman ruins of Abicada. You must visit the place where Prince Henry set up a navigation school five centuries ago, in SAGRES. Apart from the magnificent fortress and Nossa Senhora da Graca Hermitage, here you can delight yourself with a vast horizon of sea and sky unforgetable sight. At SILVES you can see stones of different times and cultures, the Arab origin castle with water cistern and the Gothic Cathedral built on the site of an ancient mosque. Walking along the Travessa de Dona Brites, in TAVIRA, you can see beautiful medieval houses with Gothic windows and portals. Also to pay attention are the typical roofs and chimneys. At PORCHES you can find unic handicrafts, mainly the renowed porcelains of this region. Also deserving a visit is VILA MOURA with its marina and casino.

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