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Madeira is an archipelago of volcanic origin, discovered in 1419 by Portuguese navigators, 1,000 Km south-west from Lisboa. It consists of the island of Madeira, Porto Santo and two groups of uninhabited islands: the Desertas and the Selvagens. These islands of a great natural beauty and an exceptional climate (temperatures between 16-25š C) are a chosen year-round destination for tourists. Mild temperature of the ocean water and natural pools, a rich cultural heritage, the great assortement of flowers and tropical fruits and Funchalīs cosmopolitan life (bars, discotheques and casino) are only some of the motifs to have here a very agreable stay. Madeira is also the name of the worldwide famous tasty wine produced under the unic climate of these islands. FUNCHAL is the islandīs capital. Its manors and gardens descending to the ocean avokes a natural Nativity scene. There are numerous examples of religious architecture you wouldnīt miss and also an animated night life. CURRAL DAS FREIRAS is located in the islandīs deepest valley in the crater of an extinct volcano. SANTANA is a picturesque village where you can see the tipycal enchanting cottages with pointed thatched roofs. PORTO MONIZ is famous for its natural pools and volcanic reefs. You will be enchanted with the beautiful sights making a trip from here to SAO VICENTE by the road along the ocean with abysses, tunnels and waterfalls. In MACHICO, a seaside historic town, you can see at mother-church (15th century) beautiful paintings and tile works. CAMARA DE LOBOS is a fishing port with natural beautiful sights with its colouful boats. In its suburbs you can find Madeira wine production centre. From TERREIRO DA LUTA, over Funchal, you must experience an unforgettable ride in a weelless vehicle like a toboggan expertly driven by two men thought the stonewalled roads to the capital.

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