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The Mediterranean diet is considered excellent by the scientific-medical community, and Spanish food, in general, with olive oil as one of its important basic ingredients, is perfectly included in such category.

Some examples of typical dishes are:

  • - The Paella: Typical of the Valencia Region, but extended throughout all of Spain. It is a delicious rice dish, with chicken, pork, clams, squid, shrimp and pawns.
  • - Gazpacho: A much loved and refreshing cold-soup dish (nicknamed by some tourists as "liquid salad"), with fresh tomatoes, oil, bread, green peppers, garlic, vinegar, and seasoning. An Andalusian specialty!
  • - Octopus and other seafood: Galicia is the region specialized in these dishes.
  • - Roasted Lamb: An unsurpassable dish of the central region of Spain, specially in Segovia, Avila, Madrid and Toledo.
  • - The Cheeses of La Mancha: They are famous throughout all of Spain.

    With regard to wine, one must taste those from the Ebro River region: La Rioja and Navarra (specially the red ones), or those of Jerez (Sherry). But these are only a few of the most famous, since Spain is a country where good wines abound.

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