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Spain Today

Regions of Spain

Spain is divided in regions, among which there are various provinces.
We could name the following as regions:

  • ANDALUCIA: (Extension: 87.268 km2 - 33.694 square miles; Population: 7.041.000): This is the southernmost and the most extensive region of Spain. In it there are important cities of interest to visitors, such as Granada, Córdoba, Seville or Ronda and the top class touristic zone known as the Costa del Sol, in which Marbella is situated, with its particular and sophisticated charm and lifestyle making it a world-renowned town.

  • CATALUÑA: (Area: 31.930 m2 - 12.328 square miles; Population: 6.116.000). The most important city in this region is Barcelona, which has some famous resort regions such as the Costa Brava or the Costa Dorada, as well as being the home of outstanding works of art by the renown artist Gaudi; and for family fun, one could visit the Port Aventura theme park in Tarragona.

  • LEVANTE REGIONS: Communities of Valencia and Murcia (Area: 34.622 km2 - 13.360 square miles; Population: 4.983.453). This is the easternmost zone of the Peninsula, known also as Levante. It is very well known for its orange groves. Its resort areas are the Costa de Azahar and the Costa Blanca.

  • CENTRAL REGIONS: Communities of Castilla and Leon, Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura. (Total area: 222.970 m2 - 86.089 square miles, Population: 10.302.308). All these regions form the central part of the Peninsula which is called the "Meseta" or plateau, in which the nation's capital, namely Madrid, is located. It is an arid region housing historical-cultural treasures, such as the Burgos Cathedral, the Toledo Cathedral or the Leon Cathedral.

  • ATLANTIC REGIONS: Galicia, Cantabria, Basque Country, and the Principality of Asturias: (Total area: 52.608 m2 - 20.311 square miles. Population: 6.458.460). This is the fresh and green zone of the Country. Sufficiently mountainous and with sufficient countryside and rural interest. In Galicia, the uneven coastline, with its cliffs and deep river mouths, is particularly interesting.

  • THE EBRO RIVER AND PYRENEES REGION : Aragón, Navarra and La Rioja: (Total Area: 63.124 m2 - 24.373 square miles. Population: 2.013.052). These are areas of valleys, waterfalls and forests. To the South is the region of La Rioja, and that of the Ribera del Duero, both of which are very famous for their top quality red wines. In Navarra, the city of Pamplona is located, where -- in July -- the famous festivity of Los Sanfermines is celebrated.

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