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Spain Today

Notes about the History of Spain

11C BC - 6C AD: From an initial population of Iberians and Tartesians, Spain is progressively incorporating central Phoenicians, Greeks, European Celts (on the central and west area), Carthaginians (on the south-east) and Visigoths. The latter ones establish the capital of a monarchy in Toledo.

8 C - 1492: Invasion of the Moors, who take control of almost the entire territory and establish different sub-divisions such as the Emirate and later the Caliphate of Córdoba, where they built a enormous mosque. The re-conquer by the Christians was completed on 1.492 with the fall of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs.

1492 - 1697: Christopher Columbus received his commission and discovers America. Spain becomes a united nation and the Golden Age comes. The conquistadores explore and take possession across America. Later on, the king Philip II is Monarch of the Spanish Empire, that apart of the American regions, includes Naples, Milan, the Low Countries and the Franche-Comte.

1700 - 1814: The Bourbons's dynasty reigns in Spain. Napoleon Enters Spain and later appoints his brother Joseph as King of Spain. The 2nd of May 1.808, with popular upraising against the troops, the war of independence starts.

1820 - 1936: Dynastic disturbances, leading to several conflicts (Carlist Wars). First Spanish Republican Period (1.873). followed by the Monarchic restoration on the next year. Second Republic (1.931). The leftist Popular Front wins the elections and precipitates a generalised revolution.

1936 - 1939: Spanish Civil War. 1939 - 1975: Victorious Generalisimo Franco governs the Nation. 1.975 - our days: King Juan Carlos is proclaimed King. The Spanish people give themselves a newdemocratic Constitution. Spain opens to the world and joins the EEC, NATO, and other multi-national institutions. Spain celebrates 500th anniversary of America's Discovery in 1.992, where Expo-92 and Olympic Games take place.

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