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Spain Today

Notice re. highway security in Spain

    The following warnings have been published by by the Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament d'Industria, Comerc i Turisme (unedited), and the principles shoudl apply anywhere in Spain:

    "Stop only in the service areas.

    Never stop on the shoulder of the road, even if someone is signalling you to do so. Do not trust strangers. Ask only personnel in uniform for information.

    Do not trust other drivers who alert you to problems with your vehicle, such as burning exhaust pipes or flat tires.

    Remember that the temporary stopping areas are only for emergency stops. Do not remain in them longer than necessary.

    If you are unable to arrive at a service area, stop next to an SOS post and ask for help if necessary.

    If you request assistance from an SOS post, make sure that the tow truck that comes to aid you is marked with the Auropistas symbol, or that of the company you requested.

    During stops in the service areas, lock your vehicle, activate the alarm and do not leave objects in plain sight.

    If you have a mobile telephone, always keep it with you. If you need help and you cannot see an SOS post, dial 93 845 90 75, and the "Autopistas Operations Centre" will answer your call. Clearly identify where you can be found (motorway number and kilometres are indicated along the sides of the road, both north and southbound carriageways), and the law enforcement organisations will be informed.

    The highway and service area staff are at your service at all times. Together with the Generalitat de Catalunya, Government of Catalonia, they wish you a pleasant stay and hope to see you again". (end of quote).

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