... and around Switzerland.
Any frequent traveller will tell you that Switzerland operates one of the finest public transportation system in the world. It ensures fast, efficient travel to every part of the country. The very latest in transport technology is at your service.

You can discover the scenic delights of Switzerland by rail, road or waterway. Better still, you can combine all three by using the Swiss Travel System. Save time and money by purchasing the Swiss Pass, Swiss Flexi Pass, or Swiss Card. The system is as reliable and punctual as a Swiss watch. Perfectly co-ordinated timetables ensure rapid trouble-free interchange from one means of transport to another.

By rail. Within minutes of flying into Switzerland, you can transfer from plane to train. Fast trains depart hourly from the airport railway stations of Zurich and Geneva, up to 16 hours a day. Hourly rail departures also operate between all major Swiss cities. And Swiss trains are comfortable, clean and punctual. In addition to efficient inter-city travel, an extensive network of nearly 500 mountain railways (including aerial cableways, funiculars and ski-lifts) will lift you up to the snow-capped summits of the Swiss Alps.

By road. If you prefer to see Switzerland by road, the Postbus service provides the perfect opportunity. The bright yellow buses take travellers off the beaten track to the remotest regions of the country. They are a familiar sight along 700 scenic routes across Switzerland. Their safety standards and record of reliability are unrivalled. For the motorist, travelling throughout Switzerland is safe and easy. Driving is on the right and distances are given in kilometres. Major car-hire companies operate in Switzerland. An extensive network of well-marked motorways spans the country.

By waterway. Travel on Switzerland's lakes and rivers is an unforgettable holiday experience. Nearly 170 vessels operate in well-organized fleets on more than 20 waterways throughout the country. Stately steamers and modern motorships are equipped with restaurants, some with bars. Cruises provide an excellent opportunity to see scenic Switzerland from a different and delightful perspective.

Your passport to pleasure - the Swiss Travel System.

The Swiss Pass offers unrestricted travel nationwide during the period of validity you select (4, 8 or 15 days, or one month). The Swiss Flexi Pass entitles you to unrestricted travel on any three days of your choice within a 15-day period.
The Swiss Card provides free return travel from the border or airport station to your destination, plus additional holiday travel at half-price. The Family Card is free of charge when you purchase one of these travel documents.

Available from selected tour operators outside Switzerland, and from major railway stations inside. And they are reserved specially for you as a visitor to Switzerland. Internet: http://www.sbb.ch


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