Don't miss the Swiss.
Switzerland was founded more than 700 years ago. Long years of peace have left their happy mark on our heritage, history and culture. And the quality of peace in Switzerland is special. May we invite you to share it with us?

The Swiss are a friendly and hospitable people, though somewhat reserved at times. Cleanliness and orderliness are the order of the day. Life in our towns and cities is secure. We share an independent spirit, a respect for tradition, no fewer than four languages and dozens of dialects. All this finds expression in the country's
fascinating folklore, deeply rooted in the nation's past. Colourful markets reflect our rural lifestyles. The seasons are marked by traditional festivals and popular pageants. Some may celebrate the end of winter, others a successful wine harvest.

Simple or sophisticated ?
Holiday accommodation in Switzerland ranges from the simple to the sophisticated, from one-star inns to five-star luxury. Many hotels are small and medium-sized establishments, owned and operated by the same family for generations. Small hotels, guest-houses and private houses offer excellent bed-and-breakfast arrangements at reasonable prices.

Pleasures for the palate
Hotels and restaurants throughout the country take pride in serving traditional local cuisine. Each region has its specialities - Fondue and Raclette (melted cheese dishes) in the French part; sausages, roasts and Rösti (fried potatoes) in the German part; sliced air-dried meat (Bündnerfleisch) in the Graubünden region; and Italian specialities in Ticino. And Swiss wines are one of the country's best-kept secrets.

Shopping paradise
Shopping in our cities is one of life's great delights. The list of excellent buys is long and varied. The finest watches, elegant jewellery, delicious chocolates, exclusive embroideries, fascinating music boxes and multi-blade pocket knives. Swiss shops offer the most prestigious products that money can buy.

Welcome to the best of Switzerland !


Our country's most popular museum is the Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne. Then follow the Botanical Gardens in Geneva and the medieval Castle of Chillon on Lake Geneva. The most popular zoo is the Basel Zoo where successes in animal breeding have ensured the survival of species threatened with extinction. The most visited of Switzerland's many traditional cheese dairies is to be found at Affoltern in the Emmental region.


Every year Switzerland hosts hundreds of music festivals, ranging from rap, rock and reggae to classical and choral. The International Music Festivals in Lucerne and Gstaad last several weeks and are among the most important events on the classical calendar. The famous jazz festivals of Montreux, Berne and Willisau are just a few of the many held across the country. Other festivals specialise in steel bands, film music, brass bands, organ music, military music and country & western. And, of course, yodelling. For movie-lovers, the open-air Locarno Film Festival is one of the most acclaimed in Europe.

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