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 Why ?

For - background information - tips on where to go and how to get there - regional profiles - features and articles.

Plus - editorial news and comment aimed at throwing a little light on the European Community - its people - and their often fragile relationships.

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Contributions from friends, colleagues and visitors welcome. Why not let us have your favourite travellers tale. 

Conversation at check in desk.
"I'm flying to New York - I want one suitcase to g
o to Madrid and the other to Boston."
"Sorry we're not allowed to do that"
"Why not - you did it last time and l didn't even ask !"

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 So What have we got ?

Regional Mini profiles.

Page One. 

N.East - Scotland - East Anglia -                  South Coast - Wales

Page Two

South West - Midlands - North West

Wise Advice

Tips and Hints 
What to expect  
General Advice
Tongue in cheek.


Londons top 8 free sites.
by Viola Ashford

Kippers in Garlic.
An acerbic Editors eye view !

Farmers in Free Fall
So who are these Europeans ?

Check back soon
there's a lot more to com
e !!!



Copyright 1995-1999 UK Today /J. Laight - Europe Today A.S. - All rights reserved.

Copyright 1995-1999 UK Today /J. Laight - Europe Today A.S. - All rights reserved.